See and Do

  • Umi no Uchukan / Teuri Visitor Center

    Guided Tour Meeting Spot and Information Point

    This is an exhibition space in a 12-sided brick building about 5 minutes’ walk from Teuri Port. They have files describing sea birds and the flora of Teuri Island, which makes it the perfect place to get some background knowledge before your tour. It’s also the starting and stopping point for guided tours. There is also a cafe spot and goods for sale, so it’s a great place to drop by any time.

  • Akaiwa Observatory

    Come search for sea birds here!

    This is the first observation platform on your clock-wise circuit of the island. The ground surface, 100m above the water, is pierced with countless holes in a bizarre sight. These are nesting holes for birds called rhinoceros auklets, and there are over 400,000 in this western cliff area. Looking out over the sea and cliffs from this observation platform, you can see spectacled guillemot, common murre, harbor seals and more.

  • Sea Bird Observation Deck

    Can you spot any Japanese Cormorant chicks with the free telescope?

    This observation spot is right in the middle of the sea bird nesting grounds. The hut has a free telescope so you can get a close-up view of cormorant chicks in their rock-top nests, or see slaty-backed gulls breeding in the cape’s grassland. Other sights include Rishiri Fuji in the sea directly in front of the hut, and in mid-June daylilies bloom around the area.

  • Cape Kannon

    The heart-shaped spot in the nesting grounds is a “Power spot of love.”

    Located at one tip of the breeding grounds, this spot commands a view of sea birds moving between the sea and their nests as well as the nesting cliffs themselves. This spot also has a view of the heart-shaped area in the middle of the breeding grounds. More and more people come to this “love power spot” to see a symbol of the love of a million sea birds.

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