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Mini-boat Keimafuri-Go (Limited to 6 passengers)

  • With only one departures daily, at 6:00, come try a truly amazing sea bird experience…

    Sneak into a small bay filled with flocks of adorable spectacled guillemots. You can bet on seeing any of our nesting sea birds, like common murre, ancient murrelets, or pelagic cormorants. This environment is untouched by man, so you can enjoy these birds in their purely natural state.
    Adults 7700 Yen (tax incl.), Children half price (In case of only one passenger the price is 10,000 yen) The boat sails at 6. Time required is within 1.5 hours. The day before the trip, a lecture on boat safety will be held from 16:00 at Umi no Uchukan.

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