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Extraordinary Wild Bird Course

2020/5/2-4,5/4-6,5/9-11,5/16-18 (Held Sat-Sun-Mon)

  • This wild bird class is limited 6 people to be easier on the birds and the members!

    A Wild Bird Watching Gathering on Teuri Island.
    May sees a large number of birds migrating northward stop off for a rest on Teuri Island, making it an excellent birdwatching spot. This season allows for birdwatching on roads, in gardens, fields and other inhabited areas, with birds like rustic bunting, blue-and-white flycatcher, and eastern crowned warbler abounding. It’s also a chance to observe rare birds that are almost never seen inside Japan. There are a number of professional guides, including 36-year Teuri Island veteran Takaki Terasawa, available to guide you to the best fields. Beginners, of course, are always welcome! Even people who’ve never watched birds in their lives can join without worry.

    Watch Sea Birds Entering the Nesting Season

    In addition to migratory birds, you can see local sea birds like gulls, Japanese cormorants, rhinoceros auklets and others as they enter the nesting season.

From Sapporo, the Express Haboro Line leaving from Sapporo Bus Terminal at 10:00 am is a convenient way to get to Haboro. The group meets and ends on site, so you can arrive on Teuri Island early or stay a few days after the end. It might be a good idea to stop by Yagishiri Island, as well!

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