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2020 Teuri Island Tour Guide Options

  • Sea Bird Nesting Ground Guided Tour (Full Island Circuit, Reservations Required, Free pickup and drop off)

    This tour will guide you in the sea bird nesting grounds on the opposite side of the island from human habitation. Key points are as follow

    Akaiwa Observatory:
    looking from the more than 100m high Akaiwa Observatory platform, you can see spectacled guillemot, common murre, and other sea birds.
    Sea Bird Observation Platform:
    From this observation hut in the center of the nesting grounds, you can see sea birds like Japanese cormorants and slaty-backed gulls.
    Cape Kannon:
    This outlook spot has a full view of the nesting grounds, including the heart-shaped area formed by cliffs.
    There are other sea bird points to see depending on the season. The departure and return point is the Umi no Uchukan.
    Time required:
    1.5 hours Includes Sea Bird mini-book Guide fee: Adults 2200 Yen (tax incl.) Children: half price

    *Pick up at port, hotel. The sea birds seen depend on the year and season. After the breeding season ends in mid-August, we offer tours of the cliff scenery in the nesting grounds.

  • Teuri Island Bird Watching Guide(Woodland wild birds, sea birds, free pickup and drop off)

    The interior of Teuri Island has been planted with forests, and the original flora grew along river sides. You can now walk paths through these woods and see the wild birds and flowers they host. You can link to a visit to Akaiwa Observatory to see the sea birds, too. Includes free pickup and drop off. Departure is at 6 am from your hotel. Teuri Island Bird Month (4/25-5/24) is a special price.

    Time required:
    approx. 2 hours Guide fee: Adults 4950 Yen (tax incl.) Children: half price
    Teuri Island Bird Month Guide fee: Adults 4400 Yen (tax incl.) Children: half price
  • Rhinoceros Auklet Return Flight Night Guide(Akaiwa Observatory, Reservations required, free pickup and drop off)

    Overwhelming scenes of rhinoceros auklet coming home to roost. The numbers grow as light fades, and the sound of countless wings is truly incredible. Come encounter a flock of birds only found here. Registration is available at your hotel. Departure is at 7 pm from your hotel. You’ll stay at Akaiwa Observatory until around 8, and then return to your hotel.

    Time required:
    about 1 hour Includes Rhinoceros Auklet mini-book Guide fee: Adults 1800 Yen (tax incl.) Children: half price

    *This guided tour is only run during Rhinoceros Auklet breeding season, usually until end of July.

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