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Teuri Island Bird Month 2020 (4/25-5/24)


The perfect season to take a walk with a bird guide! Get guidance on the best times to see the best birds at the best spots! Teuri Island Bird Watching Guide is discount price while Teuri Island Bird Month(4/25-5/24) Teuri Island Bird Watching Guide (Leaves at 6:00 and 10:00) Hotel or Umi no Uchukan to Kurosaki Beach to Akaiwa Observatory to Chidori ga Ura to Cape Kannon back to Hotel or Umi no Uchukan (Approx. 2 hours)  Both land and sea birds can be observed, depending on weather and visitor’s wishes.
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2020 Teuri Island Tour Guide Options

Teuri Island Sea Bird Nesting Grounds
Sea Bird Nesting Ground Guided Tour (Full Island Circuit, Reservations Required, Free pickup and drop off) This tour will guide you in the sea bird nesting grounds on the opposite side of the island from human habitation. Key points are as follow Akaiwa Observatory: looking from the more than 100m high Akaiwa Observatory platform, you can see spectacled guillemot, common murre, and other sea birds. Sea Bird Observation Platform: From this observation hut in the center of the nesting grounds, you can see sea birds like Japanese cormorants and slaty-backed gulls. Cape Kannon: This outlook spot has a full view of the nesting grounds, including the heart-shaped area formed by […]

Extraordinary Wild Bird Course

2020/5/2-4,5/4-6,5/9-11,5/16-18 (Held Sat-Sun-Mon)

Slaty-Backed Gull
This wild bird class is limited 6 people to be easier on the birds and the members! A Wild Bird Watching Gathering on Teuri Island. May sees a large number of birds migrating northward stop off for a rest on Teuri Island, making it an excellent birdwatching spot. This season allows for birdwatching on roads, in gardens, fields and other inhabited areas, with birds like rustic bunting, blue-and-white flycatcher, and eastern crowned warbler abounding. It’s also a chance to observe rare birds that are almost never seen inside Japan. There are a number of professional guides, including 36-year Teuri Island veteran Takaki Terasawa, available to guide you to the best […]

Mini-boat Keimafuri-Go (Limited to 6 passengers)

Watching Spectacled Guillemot from the Keimafuri-Go.
With only one departures daily, at 6:00, come try a truly amazing sea bird experience… Sneak into a small bay filled with flocks of adorable spectacled guillemots. You can bet on seeing any of our nesting sea birds, like common murre, ancient murrelets, or pelagic cormorants. This environment is untouched by man, so you can enjoy these birds in their purely natural state. Adults 7700 Yen (tax incl.), Children half price (In case of only one passenger the price is 10,000 yen) The boat sails at 6. Time required is within 1.5 hours. The day before the trip, a lecture on boat safety will be held from 16:00 at Umi […]
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