Nowhere Else on Earth! Sunset of 1 million dancing wings!

The incredible rhinoceros auklet night tour is sure to change the way you see of nature and life completely!

This one scene, 400,000 rhinoceros auklets returning to their nesting ground, is an absolute must for any Teuri Island visit! The viewing spot is Akaiwa Observatory, and only those with overnight lodging will be able to experience this amazing sight. Be sure to register with your hotel for the sightseeing bus to pick you up around 7.
 After watching the sun set from Akaiwa Observatory, you’ll notice tiny black specks flying in from the sea. As they get closer, their flapping wings will come into sight. This is how rhinoceros auklets return to their nests, in one massive flock. The numbers are sparse at first, but as the darkness deepens the flock becomes endless, and as the birds come close enough in the dark to graze watchers some people almost grow afraid of the massive scale… The sky is only birds, and birds, and birds… And then they alight, carrying fish to their chicks in the nest, hurrying to keep the gulls from stealing their catch. You can experience this incredible evening scene yourself from around May 20th, when the chicks hatch in their nests, until around July 20th, when the chicks start to leave the nest (actual dates may vary by year).

*Please behave responsibly while bird watching.

 In order to preserve the rhinoceros auklet’s breeding environment, please use the sightseeing bus for both legs of your journey. In addition, please follow these rules: observation should be finished by 8 (when the bus comes to pick you up), please use only the lighting on-site for observation without any flash photography, and under no circumstances enter the nesting ground directly. On-site, please follow all directions from Ministry of Environment Rangers and tourist staff.

*Please be prepared for cold weather, even in mid-summer.

When the wind blows Teuri Island can get quite cold, even in the middle of summer. Please bring warm clothing. When strong winds blow, winter jackets are needed even until early July.

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