Special Sea-top Birdwatching

Teuri’s cliffs are truly awe inspiring when seen from the water, and if you want to feel that much closer to the sea birds then you have to try a bird watching cruise!

If you want to get the best view of Teuri Island’s cliff scenery and sea birds, then we highly recommend this boat cruise. There are two types of bird-watching cruise, a 12-passenger fishing boat cruise and a 6-passenger mini-boat.

Fishing boat cruise

A full circuit of the island, roughly 1 hour long. The boat leaves port and turns left around the island, cruising along the cliff walls toward Cape Kannon with its colony of Japanese cormorants. That’s where the real sea bird nesting ground begins. The boat moves along the 100m+ high cliffs, bringing you close to black-tailed gulls, slaty-backed gulls, and spectacled guillemot on the sea surface itself. If you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of common murre around Akaiwa, the nesting ground’s highest point.

Adults 3,000 Yen Children 1,500 Yen 12 passenger limit
For inquiries call Guesthouse Sakaemaru Tel: 01648-3-5729 (Late April to End of August)
Boat-watching Keimafuri-Go

This passenger boat piloted by a professional photographer sails twice every morning, at 6:00 and 7:30. The captain will take you to see wild spectacled guillemots, paddling their cute red feet on the water’s surface, and you’re sure to be captivated by the sight of sea birds up close! The cruise has a lot of hardcore fans, and if you choose your timing right there’s a good chance of seeing common murres, as well.

Adults 6,500 Yen (Children 3,300 Yen) tax included
Photography Training & Boat Ride 8,500 Yen (Materials & Tax included)

Chartered Boats for Photography & TV Teams
There is also a chartered boat service.
The charter service is available for up to 2 hours, with a possibility of extension. Most chartering is done by wild bird loving families and groups, or TV and newspaper crews.

Reservations Required Inquiries Nature Live 01648-3-9001 or Umi no Uchukan 090-4876-9001

*Bird watching from the sea is wonderful, but it can also vary dramatically depending on the weather.
 If the sea gets too rough, please try birdwatching from land.

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