Wood-chip paths to Wild Bird Gathering Spots

The feel of the deep woods in the heart of the islands… Teuri Island Foot Paths “Kacho no Komichi.”

Birdwatchers from all over Japan flock to Teuri Island around May. These bird lovers all, without fail, walk the Teuri Island Foot Paths. Most of the trees on Teuri Island were planted there and these paths were originally for forestry use, but are now used to make it easier for nature lovers to observe the woods more closely. Even those who aren’t particularly interested in wild birds can enjoy a walk in the woods, surrounded by the lovely chirping of birds. We recommend a stay on the island to get a full experience of these paths. Foot path maps are available at the ferry terminal and sightseeing facilities.

Around May, you can see all kinds of wild birds, including fly catchers like the blue-and-white or narcissus flycatchers, buntings like the rustic or yellow-browed, and Japanese bullfinch, Pallas’ rosefinch, and bramblings.

There are also wild bird observation and photography tours, like the Extraordinary Wild Bird Course.

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