Travelers’ Rest Visitor Center & Cafe Umi no Uchukan

Umi no Uchukan is Teuri Island’s visitors’ center and base for various eco-tours.

Inside you’ll find a cafe, rest space, and souvenir and original goods store, so it’s a place to gather information before your tour, and buy souvenirs after you get back. They also display photographs of Teuri Island sea birds taken by facility owner and nature photographer Takaki Terasawa. Many of the courses and eco-tours for which Takaki Terasawa lectures, including the Extraordinary Wild Bird Course, are based from this facility. Visitors can browse publications about Teuri Island or look at photographic displays, and spend a lovely moment listening to the chirping of Siberian rubythroats in the small yard in back.

Boat Bird-Watching sponsored by Umi no Uchukan

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