Try charcoal grilled sea urchin, a local delicacy, at Banya!

Just 3 minutes’ walk from the port, Charcoal Grilled Seafood House Banya is right beside Umi no Uchukan.

They offer lunch plates, rice bowls, a la carte dishes, and of course live sea urchins, scallops, squid, hotke mackerel, ray fish, blue whelks and more for fresh charcoal grilling! You can finish your island tour by noon, just in time to get back to the port for some charcoal grilled lunch delicacies! This shop’s claim to fame is their fresh-caught grilled seafood.

Our recommendation is the grilled sea urchin. Set the northern sea urchin, its spines still moving, over the charcoal flame for 15 minutes. When the spines start crumbling away, it’s ready to eat. The yellow edible parts are plump and firm, and taste as sweet as roasted chestnuts.

Some might say grilling sea urchin is the height of luxury, but island residents eat it all the time! Please do give it a try. Sea urchins are in season from June to August but are unavailable on the island at other times.

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