• If you want to feel the wind, then rent a bicycle for a cycling tour!

    Ororon Rental offers rentals from just behind the ferry terminal.

    Not only do they have transport for the island, but fishing goods and more for a total outfitting shop! Most people use Teuri Port as a base for their trip around the island or to the footpaths through the interior. This shop is right in the middle of that base. The owner Tatsu Moriwaki services and maintains the machines, so all the bicycles are in perfect shape for your ride. Accidents like loose chains or the like are unheard of in all but the most extreme accidents. In addition to bird watching, if there’s something you’d like to know or any problems you encounter, or even if you’d just like to chat, they’re always happy to listen! Read more…
  • Try charcoal grilled sea urchin, a local delicacy, at Banya!

    Just 3 minutes’ walk from the port, Charcoal Grilled Seafood House Banya is right beside Umi no Uchukan.

    They offer lunch plates, rice bowls, a la carte dishes, and of course live sea urchins, scallops, squid, hotke mackerel, ray fish, blue whelks and more for fresh charcoal grilling! You can finish your island tour by noon, just in time to get back to the port for some charcoal grilled lunch delicacies! This shop’s claim to fame is their fresh-caught grilled seafood.

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  • Travelers’ Rest Visitor Center & Cafe Umi no Uchukan

    Umi no Uchukan is Teuri Island’s visitors’ center and base for various eco-tours.

    Inside you’ll find a cafe, rest space, and souvenir and original goods store, so it’s a place to gather information before your tour, and buy souvenirs after you get back. They also display photographs of Teuri Island sea birds taken by facility owner and nature photographer Takaki Terasawa. Many of the courses and eco-tours for which Takaki Terasawa lectures, including the Extraordinary Wild Bird Course, are based from this facility. Visitors can browse publications about Teuri Island or look at photographic displays, and spend a lovely moment listening to the chirping of Siberian rubythroats in the small yard in back.

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  • Wood-chip paths to Wild Bird Gathering Spots

    The feel of the deep woods in the heart of the islands… Teuri Island Foot Paths “Kacho no Komichi.”

    Birdwatchers from all over Japan flock to Teuri Island around May. These bird lovers all, without fail, walk the Teuri Island Foot Paths. Most of the trees on Teuri Island were planted there and these paths were originally for forestry use, but are now used to make it easier for nature lovers to observe the woods more closely. Even those who aren’t particularly interested in wild birds can enjoy a walk in the woods, surrounded by the lovely chirping of birds. We recommend a stay on the island to get a full experience of these paths. Foot path maps are available at the ferry terminal and sightseeing facilities.

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  • Special Sea-top Birdwatching

    Teuri’s cliffs are truly awe inspiring when seen from the water, and if you want to feel that much closer to the sea birds then you have to try a bird watching cruise!

    If you want to get the best view of Teuri Island’s cliff scenery and sea birds, then we highly recommend this boat cruise. There are two types of bird-watching cruise, a 12-passenger fishing boat cruise and a 6-passenger mini-boat.

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  • Nowhere Else on Earth! Sunset of 1 million dancing wings!

    The incredible rhinoceros auklet night tour is sure to change the way you see of nature and life completely!

    This one scene, 400,000 rhinoceros auklets returning to their nesting ground, is an absolute must for any Teuri Island visit! The viewing spot is Akaiwa Observatory, and only those with overnight lodging will be able to experience this amazing sight. Be sure to register with your hotel for the sightseeing bus to pick you up around 7.
     After watching the sun set from Akaiwa Observatory, you’ll notice tiny black specks flying in from the sea. As they get closer, their flapping wings will come into sight. This is how rhinoceros auklets return to their nests, in one massive flock. The numbers are sparse at first, but as the darkness deepens the flock becomes endless, and as the birds come close enough in the dark to graze watchers some people almost grow afraid of the massive scale… The sky is only birds, and birds, and birds… And then they alight, carrying fish to their chicks in the nest, hurrying to keep the gulls from stealing their catch. You can experience this incredible evening scene yourself from around May 20th, when the chicks hatch in their nests, until around July 20th, when the chicks start to leave the nest (actual dates may vary by year).

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