Ororon Soh

This is a great inn for birdwatchers, where songbirds come to gather.

Ororon Soh is a quiet ryokan near the beach. This inn has been a favorite of bird watchers since it was founded, and it still has a large group of repeat customers. It’s not only clean, quiet, and comfortable, but it’s also near a large number of birdwatching spots. A great many songbirds stop nearby to rest on their migration, and at times guests are able to observe their favorite birds from their room windows. It’s like birdwatching heaven!

1 kilometer from the port Shuttle bus available Rates 6,800-8,000 Yen

Decorations Gifted to the Inn in the Entrance Hall

The lobby hall is decorated with pictures of songbirds and sea birds taken by visiting guests. These gifts stand as proof of the gratitude guests feel after staying here and experience the warm welcome and service of mistress Kiyoe Saito and her staff. With its delicious food, and its chance at wonderful bird watching, this inn makes Teuri Island feel like a world just for the bird lovers.

Gifts of Thanks Displayed in the Entrance Hall
The mistress offers guests a warm welcome.

Amenities & Facilities

Tooth brush/Bath Towels/Face Towels/Robe/Yukata/TV/Toilets (shared)

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