Shima no Yado Dai-ichi

The island’s largest hotel, with an unbroken history of flavor.

As befitting such a grand old hotel, the master Dai-ichi Saga and mistress Hiroko Saga make sure their staff offer careful, attentive hospitality. Guests are always welcomed with a smile, and the atmosphere is warm and homey. This hotel is often used by large parties, since with 28 rooms it’s among the island’s largest, and it has agreements with JTB and other travel agents. They’re used to dealing with groups, so it’s perfect for those looking to book for a large number of people. *JTB Contracted Lodging facility

3 minutes’ walk from the port Pick-up available 8,250 Yen-14,300 Yen

The delicate flavors of the cuisine here, varying by price, have been maintained with long years of experience and training by the mistress. The kitchen’s pride is its fresh seashore cuisine, which they hope guests will linger over savor.
On entering the hotel, you first encounter the octagonal lobby. When you climb the stairs from there, you’ll find a lounge space with sofas. The large windows offer a view of the port, the sea and Yagishiri Island as well, and depending on the season you might be able to watch the lights of the fishing boats as they go out to sea.
Amenities & Facilities
Tooth brush/Bath Towels/Face Towels/Robe/Yukata/TV/Toilets (shared)

For Inquiries

TEL: 01648-3-5111

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