Ryokan Aoitori

Bay-front lodging lulled by the gentle sounds of the island.

Connected directly to Teuri Port, with the bustling boat-filled fishing harbor right out in front. Being right in the middle of the island’s life-line is one thing that sets this hotel apart. And if you spot the beach ladies selling fish right along the pier, do say hello. They’ll be sure to answer! Teuri port is the departure and return point for sightseeing buses and boats, and has a number of souvenir shops as well, so this is the perfect base for your island tour.

2 minutes’ walk from the port 7,000-11,000 Yen


As sea urchin cooking is the kitchen’s specialty, every dinner from June to August includes fresh raw sea urchin (not available in off-season). The Dobinmushi, with loads of sea urchin steamed in a clay teapot, is a delicacy that once experienced, will never be forgotten. The staff pride themselves on the freshness of their sashimi, and all raw foods are brought in fresh every day, never frozen. Depending on your order, you can add abalone sashimi or a sashimi platter (with rockfish, etc.).

The picture above is an example of a dinner special. Of course, the menu changes based on season and the available fish, so if you’d like to know what’s on the menu during your stay please inquire directly in advance.

Amenities & Facilities

Tooth brush Bath Towels/Face Towels/Robe/Yukata/TV/Toilets (shared)

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