• Ryokan Aoitori

    Bay-front lodging lulled by the gentle sounds of the island.

    Connected directly to Teuri Port, with the bustling boat-filled fishing harbor right out in front. Being right in the middle of the island’s life-line is one thing that sets this hotel apart. And if you spot the beach ladies selling fish right along the pier, do say hello. They’ll be sure to answer! Teuri port is the departure and return point for sightseeing buses and boats, and has a number of souvenir shops as well, so this is the perfect base for your island tour.

    2 minutes’ walk from the port 7,000-11,000 Yen

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  • Shima no Yado Dai-ichi

    The island’s largest hotel, with an unbroken history of flavor.

    As befitting such a grand old hotel, the master Dai-ichi Saga and mistress Hiroko Saga make sure their staff offer careful, attentive hospitality. Guests are always welcomed with a smile, and the atmosphere is warm and homey. This hotel is often used by large parties, since with 28 rooms it’s among the island’s largest, and it has agreements with JTB and other travel agents. They’re used to dealing with groups, so it’s perfect for those looking to book for a large number of people. *JTB Contracted Lodging facility

    3 minutes’ walk from the port Pick-up available 8,250 Yen-14,300 Yen

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  • Yorozuya Ryokan

    The sound of waves tickling your ears… In a Ryokan by the Sea

    Recommended for those wanting a relaxing seaside sojourn, this is the perfect lodging to rest by the sea amid the sound of the waves. Although this ryokan is 2 kilometers from the port, the 5th generation owner Ryokan Yorozuya is happy to pick guests up in a microbus, so it doesn’t feel inconvenient at all. The inn is near the center of town, where most of the shops are concentrated, so it’s quite convenient for a bit of shopping, as well.
    *Designated Facility of the Hokkaido Public School Staff Mutual Benefit Society and Hokkaido Municipal Welfare Association

    2 kilometers from the port Shuttle bus available
    8,000/9,000/10,000/12,000 Yen(It comes with a sea urchin over 9,000yen)

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  • Ororon Soh

    This is a great inn for birdwatchers, where songbirds come to gather.

    Ororon Soh is a quiet ryokan near the beach. This inn has been a favorite of bird watchers since it was founded, and it still has a large group of repeat customers. It’s not only clean, quiet, and comfortable, but it’s also near a large number of birdwatching spots. A great many songbirds stop nearby to rest on their migration, and at times guests are able to observe their favorite birds from their room windows. It’s like birdwatching heaven!

    1 kilometer from the port Shuttle bus available Rates 6,800-8,000 Yen

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  • Teuri Island Campground

    A campground with a full view of the starry sky, where looking up takes you to another world.

    On the Umi no Uchukan Grounds Fees 500 Yen / Night (Children half price) Campground on Umi no Uchukan Square, run by Teuri Island Oraga Island Revitalization Association. In addition to services like trash cans for campers to more easily dispose of garbage, you can rent camping goods like tents, barbecue grills complete with charcoal, and more. During business hours, campers can use the toilets in Umi no Uchukan, as well as visit the cafe and gallery.

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